Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Things to Decoupage When One is Bored
1. Dead CDs (into coasters)
2. Water bottles
3. Paper lanterns
4. Wooden stools or other furniture
5. Writing instruments

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

The Coolness of College Libraries
1. Open all hours of the night
2. Find a quiet corner and be loud
3. The Dewey Decimal system... with letters
4. Fabulous interior decorating color schemes
5. Checking out books on antiques violins and novels about futuristic navies while studying industrial engineering

Monday, July 29, 2002

Why I Love Ohio's Roadways
1. Going South to go North
2. Route 23 only exists as a series of junctions
3. You only find rest areas a half mile before the next exit
4. It is faster to travel through the center of Cincinnati during rush hour than to take the by-pass
5. You can use landmarks such as "The Orange Juicer" when giving directions

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Theme Words for the Day
1. Superlative
2. Consummate
3. Inimitable
4. Idiosyncratic
5. Extraordinary

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Thoughts on Thong Underwear
1. Isn't the point of underwear to cover . . . something?
2. Seeing a panty line isn't necessarily a bad thing
3. Does anyone *really* think they're comfortable?
4. Floss should only go between your teeth
5. If that's all the underwear you are going to wear, why bother?

Friday, July 26, 2002

Why Life Is Happy
1. Becky
2. Becky and me
3. Becky and me together
4. Becky and me together in less than 3 hours
5. Becky and me together in less than 3 hours for the whole weekend : )

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Why I Think Lauren’s Plant is Dead
1. It turned brown
2. The leaves no longer stick up
3. It hasn’t sprouted any new leaves
4. The soil is washing away
5. The stump is turning black

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Things That Have Amused Me Today
1. The web ad for Discover Card Clear was blank
2. The fact that I paired up my M&M’s to make sure there was an even number before eating them
3. Dave is still surprised that I show up at the apartment at 11:30 for lunch
4. I have been at this job for 9 weeks and have yet to meet the guy who’s desk shares my cubicle
5. Troy and Dave debating to take “The Caddy” vs. “Long Arm”

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Why Being Female Sucks
1. Pigheaded men assuming things about you because you are female
2. Bra shopping
3. Cramps
4. Women’s clothing
5. High heels

Why Being Female is Fabulous
1. Other women
2. Giving birth
3. Round, soft bodies
4. Being “progressive” by being who you are
5. Being my mother’s daughter

Monday, July 22, 2002

Today's Favorite Music
1. Sailing to Philadelphia by Mark Knopfler
2. Rain by Patty Griffin
3. Midnight in Missoula by Nanci Griffith
4. Checking my Pulse by Alix Olson
5. So It Goes by Kim Richey