Friday, May 30, 2003

Why It Can Be Fun To Get Up At 5:00 AM
1. You get to listen to the rest of the world wake up
2. You get all the hot water in the shower
3. There is so much less traffic on the roads
4. You have lots of extra time to be by yourself
5. There is more time to be awake in life

The Best Kinds Of Shoes
1. Tall shoes
2. Bright-colored shoes
3. Sparkly shoes
4. Comfortable shoes
5. No shoes

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

An Alternative Memorial Day List:

Ways To Help Serve Your Country Without Joining The Military
1. Vote in any and every election
2. Volunteer for causes and issues that you care about
3. Run for a political office
4. Write and call your government representatives
5. Keep informed about prominent issues

Things To Do Every Day
1. Something physical
2. Something creative
3. Something intellectual
4. Something for someone else
5. Something for yourself

Possible Employment Opportunities For Tom
1. Residential care specialist
2. Hit man
3. Ellen Degeneres
4. Personal trainer
5. Go-go dancer

Things To Do While Waiting For Your Parents To Arrive
1. Play Jeopardy online
2. Play battle Mario Cart 64 (balloon popping)
3. Make Tom tell stories
4. Eat slightly gross raspberries
5. Sit around and look at each other

Why I Love Target Shopping
1. Flashlight batteries
2. Skirt hangers
3. Fun sticky note pads
4. Chocolate... yummmmm
5. A new watch for Becky

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The following list came from an interview with Alyson Hannigan on The Conan O'Brien Show:

5 Words That Begin With "Bi"
1. Bicycle
2. Bifocal
3. Bisexual
4. Bicoastal
5. "Bi" new shoes

Monday, May 19, 2003

Back To Work At IET
1. Mostly the same people
2. Mostly the same forms
3. Mostly the same cubicle
4. Mostly the same work
5. It's good to know that things stay (mostly) the same

Summer Is Officially Here
1. My legs are shaved
2. My toenails are painted bright red
3. My closet has spiffy new clothes in it
4. I have a ticket to an outdoor music festival
5. Now it just needs to be a little more sunny out!

Sunday, May 18, 2003

5 T-Shirt Slogans 4 Abby By Maddie
1. I'm like a superhero with no powers or motivation
2. How many vegetables had to die for your stupid salad
3. Don't make me get my flying monkeys
4. Speak softly and wear a loud shirt
5. If I throw a stick, you'll go away, right?

Dreaded Dance Phrases From Miss Annettee By Maddie
1. Do that left
2. Do that backwards
3. You're going to like this one
4. Oh, we've done this one before
5. Crunches!

Dinner Conversation Topics With Ms. Warren
1. Split tongues
2. Animal communicators
3. Reinventing yourself/rebirth
4. Care of bamboo
5. Leslie Nuchow which sounds like dog chow

Friday, May 16, 2003

Things That Are More Fun Than Painting Ceilings
1. Painting walls
2. Eating bagels
3. Reading books
4. Watching season six reruns of ER
5. Relacing your shoes

Monday, May 12, 2003

Things That Are More Fun Than Removing Wallpaper
1. Eating Skittles
2. Playing the tambourine
3. Making beds
4. Waiting for a website to load
5. Staring off into space

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Things To Remember In Life
1. Read books more slowly
2. Most TV shows aren't all that funny
3. Don't leave bottles of glue on their side
4. Cheese is bad for the lactose intolerant
5. Too much chocolate can be a bad thing

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Things To Do With Regular Muffin Papers
1. Bobby pin holders
2. Hats for dolls
3. Flammable candle holders
4. Not-so-effective breathing mask
5. Make regular size muffins

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Muffin Pan Delima
1. I want to make jumbo muffins
2. So I need a jumbo muffin pan
3. And jumbo muffin papers
4. But I have a lot of regular muffin papers still
5. So now I have to come up with things to do with regular muffin papers

Monday, May 05, 2003

List Slump
1. I am in a list slump
2. Lists have been really hard to come by the last few weeks
3. This isn't good
4. List block
5. Where did they all go????

Broken Printer
1. I think the printer is broken
2. It won't print yellow
3. It prints red and blue
4. But not yellow
5. I think that is a problem....

Best of Dan Bern Songs
1. Black Tornado
2. New American Language
3. God Said No
4. Thanksgiving Day Parade
5. Turning Over